Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Don't Miss My New Thriller "Blood Gold" Now Available!

He fought terrorists in Afghanistan. Now he fights a war on the home front.

An old map and a treasure trove of precious gold are all it takes to trigger conspiracy and murder. When Marine Gunnery Sergeant, Michael Drake, returns home from Afghanistan, his wealthy father entrusts the map over to him for safekeeping—then vanishes. Now Michael becomes the target of his father’s sex addicted wife, a corrupt sheriff, and a sociopathic drug lord. From Lakeport California to a ghost town in Rogues Hollow, there’s no shortage of greed, lust and murder. Michael Drake, a near amputee, suffering from survivor’s guilt, is on a mission to find his father and protect the map. To win he must outwit ruthless conspirators. If suicide bombers, IED explosives, and Post Traumatic Stress Disorder can’t stop the twenty-four-year-old Marine, nothing can. Now on Kindle and in Paperback

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