Thursday, August 30, 2012

Self Published - A Smooth Operation

Dangerous Presence a Thriller
 by M. G Cronkite
Cover Art by Josh Thornbrugh 

It’s a mixed feeling to reach that final page in your novel and quietly know in your heart you have come to the end of your story. You have loved every twist and turn, every character you’ve created, every scene. But now the time has come to say goodbye, at least for now—to move on and perhaps write a sequel. The time has come to publish—self publish, that is.

 And, that’s exactly what I did. Dangerous Presence, my very first novel is now published to Smashwords and Amazon Kindle Direct.

I followed The Smashwords Style Guide, by Mark Coker. I won’t say it was easy. There were times when I found the guidelines confusing. But then I’m not overly techie, either. I worked hard to get it just right, and I found once I had all the puzzle pieces fit together, it was a smooth operation.

I published to Smashwords. It took a few days to be accepted into the Premium Catalog. But once I was, I uploaded my novel to Amazon Kindle Direct and found the process to be easy and quick.

Dangerous Presence:
Psychologist, Jacquelyn Kincaid’s five-acre garden estate becomes deadly ground when blatant sex acts in a hot tub fuel a serial killer’s lethal vendetta. In her quest to prove her kid brother innocent of the murders, Jacquelyn fights for his life and finds herself butting heads with the law, all the way up the bureaucratic ladder to the FBI.

Buy here at Smashwords: Dangerous Presence

Or Buy here at Amazon:   Dangerous Presence

This video, which I just discovered, may be helpful to anyone who chooses to format their own manuscript and upload to Smashwords. (part 1 of 3)

This video is chuck full of good info for the e publisher. It also gives you the pros and cons on whether to format your own manuscript to Smashwords or hire a professional (very reasonable) and have it done. 


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