Saturday, May 12, 2012

Self-Publishing - The Beginning Stages

I will be working each day, going through the process of what it takes to self-publish my first novel. I will be learning many new things.

I want to publish my work to the highest professional level. It may take some real groundwork, but after I self-publish my first novel, I know it will get easier.  I'm excited about this. I will  post each step on my blog as I go along. At the present time, I'm gathering my resources. All the information I need is out there, it's just a matter of discovering it.

I'm reading, Let's Get Digital, by David Gaughran. This is one of the best e-books written on self-publishing. You can download this book on your Kindle CloudReader. It's Free. Here is the link:
Lets-Get-Digital How To Self-Publish and Why You Should

In my search for answers, I've come across this wonderful video, The Publishing Process, by  Steven H. Jackson. If you are interested in self publishing you can't go wrong here. It starts with the basics and moves right through to the finish line. It is helpful, and I value it. 

Right now I am at stage one -- writing the last few chapters of my novel, Dangerous Presence. When I finish, I will jump into the editing stage. See you soon.